(Solved) cPanel Adding AAAA-Record Fails in DNS Zone Manager-Workaround

Scott Claeys
2 min readSep 5, 2021

After upgrading cPanel/WHM to “Stable” release 96, you might be surprised to see the former DNS Zone Editor has now been completely removed from this shipment. cPanel representatives in the forums mentioned that DNS Zone Manager would eventually replace the Zone Editor, but surprisingly, this change was implemented after just one full release version.

Further, hosts and clients alike that have adopted IPv6 will be met with the following error when attempting to add or modify AAAA records using the new DNS Zone Manager interface:

Error: API failure: (XID 7s3wg9) “host.domain.tld. 14400 IN AAAA ” does not form a valid DNS resource record. (Syntax error, value expected)

This error could have cPanel hosting providers in a panic, considering the incredible volume potential of IPv6 compared with IPv4 and possibility of each entry, modification or removal of AAAA records could possibly become a new case for the support department.

Furthermore, logging all those AAAA tickets (in case future auditing is necessary) could push the limits of the dedicated NAS storage tasked with filing and holding indefinitely ticket meta-data.

Fortunately, cPanel does not immediately discard every piece of it’s stack upon first arrival of it’s successive counterpart.

How to workaround AAAA failure in DNS Zone Manager

WHM API v1 had it’s return to glory this week as it has been revealed that this aged platform holds the key to the continuity of IPv6, the answer to all internet-related issues of the future and possibly introduce world-peace. Currently the only active cPanel software capable of modifying AAAA DNS records is their original API-that they forgot to deactivate and destroy some 6 years ago. Here’s how it works:

For those unwilling to restore their previous frameworks to achieve full compatibility WHM API v1 integrations, the cPanel staff has apparently retrofitted their recently debuted Terminal in WHM for compatibility with the years-deprecated API (also, compatible with an actual terminal client), Just enter a command like this:

whmapi1 addzonerecord domain=domain.tld name=host.domain.tld class=IN ttl=14400 type=AAAA address=2604:a:b:c::d

Thanks to the API that, despite having spent several years dormant in the Legacy

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